Walk on the white beaches of Stilbaai in the Cape

When we are in Stilbaai we love going for long walks on the beach, especially early morning as it is then, if you are lucky, that you will find a Pansy shell that washed ashore during the night. There is something magical about finding a Pansy shell. I have been told that you cannot find a Pansy shell but that the Pansy shell will find you!  Pansy shells are delicate white discs with the pattern of a flower with five petals embossed on the surface.  The Garden Route is one of the very few places in the world where Pansy shells can be found.

So when one of us finds a Pansy shell – we celebrate with a steaming cup of coffee and a huge slice of home baked cake at one of the coffee shops in the village!

Pansy shell in Stilbaai