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Painting holiday in Stilbaai in South Africa

Stilbaai Art Retreat Studio August 2016

We arrived in Stilbaai for the Art Retreat in wonderful weather! As we drove into the village we had to stop and take photos of the mist coming in over the lagoon. The most amazing artworks were completed by all and I was very impressed with the jewellery and screen printing ideas that were produced. Between dinners, wine and painting life… Read more →

Seagulls in Stilbaai South Africa

I often go for walks on the beach and is almost always accompanied by Seagulls, hoping that they might get a scrap of something to eat from me. At the picnic sites I see them picking up all kinds of scraps and pieces lying around. Seagulls remind me that is possible to move out of my comfort zone  and to always keep… Read more →

Field filled with arum lilies – Art Therapy Retreat – South Africa

Art Therapy Retreats in Stilbaai in the Western Cape in South Africa encourage you to take a look at your life. Through the use of art materials you create emotions, passions and motivations on canvas! I believe that we all have a secret but safe place in our heart where we sometimes want to hide from life – mine is… Read more →

Stilbaai art retreat dates – South Africa

Stilbaai is known for its established artist community.  Many well-known artists live in this quaint seaside village in the Western Cape South Africa. The breathtaking beauty of the area inspires you to dig deep into your creative self.  Join us for an artist retreat week where you can paint, create, produce and let go! The next art retreat takes place… Read more →

Alikreukel shell in Stilbaai Western Cape

Floating in the ocean is surely one of the most fulfilling physical and mental activities – it is exciting and relaxing at the same time. Exiting, because of the many treasures visible under the water and relaxing because you forget about the outside world – it is only you and the sea…..  It was at Stilbaai in the Western Cape… Read more →