Garden Angel

Angel mouldCement is one of my favourite art mediums. I use it to create sculptures, furniture, painting backgrounds and jewellery. So, when my good friends in South Africa told me they want to plant a rose garden in memory of their late parents the first thought in my mind was “garden angel”! You know how we creative spirits are, we romanticize everything!

I used an old porcelain doll’s head to make a mould with Brush On. I then used fibre glass and resin to strengthen the Brush On Mould. Using a broomstick I sculpted the body around the stick using chicken wire, newspapers and a sand and cement mixture. Luckily we have a scroll saw so Sas will be cutting out beautiful wooden angel wings to attach to the body once it has dried out completely.

I will post a picture of the garden angel once it has been completed.

Create your own garden angel!